Brand Design - Sajj

A bold and flexible brand design system for a growing mediterranean restaurant.

When 2018 | Skills Branding & Identity, Brand Manual, Web Design, App Design, In-store iPad Menu


Sajj Mediterranean, the popular family of Bay Area-based restaurants and food trucks known for fresh, exotic, and customizable Middle Eastern cuisine, is pursuing an aggressive expansion plan over the next 12 months.

On the heels of being named one of the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies’ by San Francisco Business Times, the rapidly growing Mediterranean fast casual plans to have 15 locations open by the end of 2019.

With sights set on strengthening their hold in the Bay Area’s Mid-Peninsula and East Bay, and in Southern California, plans are also being finalized to expand beyond the Golden State and into markets outside of California over the next two years.


Restaurant rebranding that is robust as well as flexible enough to back Sajj’s plan to pursue an aggressive expansion plan over the next couple of years.

Brand Story

Make everyday a culinary adventure.

Are you tired of food that is quick but forgettable? Food should be personal, satisfying and transporting—taking you to a place you love for to new, exciting places that you’d like to experience.

It’s the sigh and aroma of Sajj—pita, falafel, and shawarma being made in front of you. It’s exotic Mediterranean entreé choices you can customize any way you want. It’s authentic sauces and flavors you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the graciousness and warmth so characteristic of Mediterranean hospitality. And it’s healthy and fast.


Brand Voice

The logo, typeface and design elements are stylized and refined.

Customizable & Rich
Tiles and tile patterns are rooted in Mediterranean culture and its rich cuisine, that creates a vibrant visibility, a feeling of flexibility and customization.

Welcoming & Trust
The copy and tone of voice have a welcoming personality that create a feeling of trust.



Brand Colors


Brand Guidelines

The Sajj tile logo kit includes a large, medium, small, and icon version of the logo.

It also includes a system for how to use the tile and the Sajj name together on collaterals.

  • The small version (with subhead) is used ONLY in promotional materials as the fact that it’s mediterranean cuisine is only to be conveyed in promotions.
  • The dark version is to be used on light to medium backgrounds, and the light version is to be used on medium to dark backgrounds.
  • The tiles in all versions of the logo except the icon version are changeable and can be picked up from tile source provided in the kit.


Large Logo

Medium Logo

Small Logo

Small Logo with Subhead

Icon Logo


  • Using any tiles or similar imagery to represent Sajj other than what is found in the Sajj kit.
  • Changing the colors on the tiles.
  • Adding special effects to the logo.
  • Rotating the tiles or altering its positioning in relation to the Sajj name.
  • Overprinting or obstructing any part of the tile.

Tile System

When using one tile or multiple tiles in a single line WITH the Sajj name:

  • The box under the sajj name will have the following dimensions: Width=2*X, Height=Y
  • Any number of tiles can be used with the Sajj name.

WHEN USING multiple tiles in a stack WITH the Sajj name:

  • Tiles are to be used in a table format with rows and columns, where number of rows (r) = number of columns. Except when there is one column, the number of rows can be 2.
  • The box under the Sajj name will have the following dimensions: Height=r*Y, Width=r*X, where r is the number of rows.

When using multiple tiles in a stack WITHOUT the Sajj name:

  • Tiles are to be used in a table format with rows and columns, where no row or column can be empty.


In-store and Office Use

Business Card

Food Truck

Animated Digital Street Hoarding

Instagram Ad- Follow the Truck

UI Assets

Online Order App Interactions

  • Order through the app and skip the line at the restaurant.

  • Earn rewards for your orders.

  • Like your recent orders and order them in one click.

  • Order your favorites in one click.

  • Follow our food truck.

  • Visit our locations.

  • Account Information- Personal, Payment, Refer a friend to earn discounts, Gift Cards