Ad Campaign - PC Jeweller

A path breaking women first campaign for a jewellery brand.

When 2015 | Skills Concept Development, Art Direction, Photography Production, Media Release


In an environment that is very sensitive to issues related to gender discrimination, the campaign brings to light how, in her own way, a woman can make an important point every time she faces bias. It is in moments like these that a woman’s true worth and confidence shines through.

With PCJ we had taken a brave new stand by talking about the woman rather than the ornaments.

Naye Zaamane Ke Heere, loosely translated as 'New Diamonds of a Brave New World', the campaign line reflected both the new confidence and freedom of Indian women as well as the new designs by the brand. The mix of illustration and photography for showcasing the jewellery was as fresh, in the fashion industry, as the message.

Magazine Full Spread Ad

Outdoor Bus Stop Hoarding

Facebook Cover Photo