Packaging Design - Absolut

A few concepts for Absolut's launch of the "India" bottle

When 2015 | Skills Photography, Photoshop


While handling the creative duties for Pernod Ricard during my time at Ogilvy, Absolut was launching the India version of their bottle. I presented three concepts out of which two - "kites" and "yoga" - were mocked up by Absolut and included in an art exhibition that they held honoring and celebrating the top designs they recieved.


When Absolute put out the brief, I wanted to approach it with a clean slate. We all know what India is known for globally. I wanted to stay away from those clichés. So I ventured out onto the streets of Delhi, the little nooks and corners of the city, to capture the essence of it with my camera. I also looked through the thousands of pictures I had clicked during my trips around the country, from 1993 to date.​​​​​​​


After the research, I selected some shots based on the notes I gathered after interviewing a few family and friends about what they thought India stood for.​​​​​​


Originally from Gujarat, a western state of India, Kite Flying is a festival that is celebrated all over the country on any national holiday. The sky is beautiful on those days- kites of all colours, shapes and sizes flying around. Family, friends and neighbors get into a friendly rivalry, cutting each other's kites to the ground.


With so many health benefits, Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. It originated in ancient India and dates back to 6th century BCE. The Yoga design shows various aasanas, i.e. the poses one performs while practicing yoga. I made it in a way that it looks like a chattai, the original yoga mat that Indians have been using for ages.

Himalaya Pattern

The Himalayas is a feature of India that we're really proud of - breath-taking and majestic. But what is not known much is that the people from the state of The Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, are extremely sweet and welcoming people. Loyalty and perseverance runs in their blood and that's what makes them the most trustworthy, friendly people you'll ever find. Dedicated to these people, my third design shows the pattern on the hats/caps that the people from Himachal dorn. It's a pattern that is instantly recognizable by anyone who has visited that state and is a reminder of these ever-smiling people from the mountains.